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Life is full of surprises. Nobody ever knows what’s kept in store for them the very next moment. Sometimes you don’t even know what’s happening because nothing makes you feel amazed anymore.

Well here are the times that different photographs made people wonder, “Wait, what’s happening?”

(1) This picture of a dog blowing f-ire out of its mouth made netizens wonder if it was a dog that is also a dragon.

Image credit: © Bilautaa/reddit

(2) A picture of a small tempo went viral after people found the picture funny because the tempo, looked like it was not happy with what was happening around it.

Image credit: © Huueta/pikabu

(3) This picture of a horse trying to enter its sty with a photo frame on its neck because the door was too narrow.

Image credit: © Bakeneko/pikabu

(4) After looking at a picture of a banana fitting into a wall so well that people wonder whether the banana was cut to fit the wall, or the wall was cut to fit the banana.

Image credit: © guyrobs/reddit

(5) A picture that was clicked, with a creepy man sticking his tongue out. People still wonder if it was a sticker or a real man.

Image credit: © poslepiva/pikabu

(6) A clothing store was seen, hanging plus-size denim on two mannequins. Wonder how they did that.

Image credit: © totalinfonet/reddit

(7) This picture of a cat looking stunned made people wonder if it had seen something so stunning. The cat must have probably seen his owner.

Image credit: © myruk89/pikabu

(8) A picture of Thomas the tank engine went viral after the tank seemed o have its face deformed making people wonder if Thomas was okay.

Image credit: © harigilly/twitter

(9) This is one picture of a duck standing in a queue to buy fish chips and looking all lost.

Image credit: © TheLaudMoac/reddit

(10) The picture of a magician cat would make enough go ROFL. However, he looked like he’s serious about his job.

Image credit: © ManInPeas/reddit

(11) This picture of a lady trying to make a flatbread off her flaps made people first think if it were a dough only to realize it was not. Maybe that’s her way of flattening her tummy.

Image credit: © Morty_Goldman/reddit

(12) This picture of a Cars finding his way out after he destroyed the properties of Radiator springs looked like they both had a scuffle, and Car br-oke his tooth.

Image credit: © ufmystic/reddit

(13) The picture of Skull carved pearls made people wonder how does anyone do that on such a miniature object.

Image credit: © d4hm3r/reddit

(14) This picture of a cow chilling in a man’s swimming pool made people wonder how did he get in there.

Image credit: © Thiiiou/reddit

(15) This picture of what looks like a tree on the top with a man’s leg-like structure made people wonder if there is any such thing called a walking tree.

Image credit: © Pechenkya/pikabu


Dorothy - As far as the banana, the step must have had a round indentation or other flaw and the fruit just fit,.

Jillie - But the “dough” is actually connected to her stomach, so there is no dough, it is only her belly.

Alyssa - When you take your duck for regular walks on concrete, he needs boots. Just common sense. The pups' boots are on order.

Stacy - Number 14 great job. About time people cheer for the referees to

Mac - The banana was cut to fit the wall the wall wasn't built around the banana.

Kala Seid - The Evil Magician Cat. Did anybody notice the more te-rrifying face behind it?

Medina - You know I thought the woman was falatingher belly but it was dough

Aleksandar - Me looking at number 14:"that doesn't seem that strange" Me 1 second later: "OMG THEY CARVED THE CONCRETE"

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